Email Marketing 101

First thing's first. Email Marketing, when used correctly, can be your number one form of selling, gaining customers, turning your audience into paying clients, you name it! BUT, there are rules to this game. They're not hard to follow, and when executed correctly, they can do you and your business wonders.

1.) Know Your Audience.

Whether you're an e-commerce company, a non-profit, or a brick and mortar, you have a target market that likes what you have to offer. When someone opted into your newsletter for the first time, they took interest into what you have to offer; what you're putting out there into the digital world. Right there, you have an obligation to consider and a message to uphold. Once you get to know and understand what your audience likes, that is when the magic starts to happen.

2.) Focus.

As a company that sells a number of products or services, there may be different uses for them or different people that you're trying to connect with - doing this causes an overwhelming amount of information. It's important to focus on a few different topics in your email and to cater to what your customer wants to hear from you as we mentioned above. At the same time, you want your message to be cohesive and flow together nicely. To do this, you want to be clear, concise, and on-topic. After all, the end goal of your email is to convert the attention of your reading customers into a sale.

3.) Add Some Sparkle.

Yes, we said above that it's important to be as clear and concise as you can in your email campaign. At the same time, you want to add a little something that separates you from your competitors. That can be design, motion graphics, or even a section of the newsletter that brings an element of human interest to your readers and will keep them consistently coming back and looking forward to each of your campaigns. This isn't something that you'll want to throw together each time, rather, something that is thought out and consistent throughout your campaigns.

4.) Be On Brand!

You'll want to add some sparkle to your campaigns; yes, BUT, you also want to stay on brand throughout your marketing as well. This means being consistent with your fonts, colors, artwork, photography, and your voice. Think of your company as a person. It has its very own personality and its own friends who share the same interests. When you stray away from that, you might delve into a different crowd (that's not your target market) and that hurts your brand! Be true to who your company is and stick with it!

5.) Calls To Action.

Arguably the most important part of your email campaigns are your calls to action, or, to put it simply, the buttons your readers are inclined to click on! After captivating their interests through your short and to the point nuggets of information or stories, you'll want to give your readers an outlet; something to click on that will give them what they've been longing for this whole time; you're product/service! These calls to action should be short and sweet. We like things such as "Call Now", "Shop Now", and "Read More".

6.) Correct Links.

Last but not least, if your calls to action or clickable links are dead or incorrect, you're digging a grave for your very own brand. When your customers are interested enough to click on the link that you've laid out for them that means that you've done your job (yay!) but, when they don't end up in the correct place or no place at all, it'll leave a sour taste in their mouth leaving them with less interest and likely not coming back to read your next campaign. Check those emails before you hit the send button and then check them once more!

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